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Monday, 28 October 2013

Kon Hai Mera Kya Hai Mera

Dost  Dost kahta tha jinko tu  
Jinke sath ghamnd me jita tha tu  !
hai kha vo hai kha vo
Ja Dund le unko Tu !
Kon Hai Tera..! Kya hai Tera

Aaj AAnkho me pani nhi hai  
Per Dil lahro se dub Chuka hai  !
Ro nhi Sakta is wakt
Per hasne ki vajah Vhi nhi hai   !

Chup Chup Ke Man Man Me
Dil se Rona kya Rona !
Aise Kabhi Nhi roya main
Per aaj dil khol ke roya  !

Q hai Aisa Kya hai Ye
Lagat hai bada ajib sa Q hai Ye  !
Aaj lag Gaya pata sabka
Main kasie kahu Dil ko   !

" Kon Hai Mera Kya Hai Mera "

Friday, 31 May 2013

Gazzal shayari :- Apne Dil mein

Talash kar meri kami ko apne Dil mein...
Agar dard hua to samjh lena Mohabbat ab bhi baki hai...

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Sad Shayari :-Baat zubaan ki thi

Sad Shayari :- Baat zubaan ki thi
Baat umar bhar ki thi, Do pal ki nahin,
Baat sath ki thi, Halaat ki ki nahin,
Jahan ke mele mein Sath chor diya tum ne,
Baat zubaan ki thi, Kismat ki nahin..,,,,,
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Wednesday, 13 February 2013

mst sms valentiens day sms & Shayari

Happy Valentines Day Sad Sms & Shayari

Ajeeb Tarah Se Socha Tha Zindgi Ke Liye,
Jeena Marna Tha Sirf Usi Ke Liye.
Wo Mujhko Tanha Chod Gye To Yaqeen Aaya,
Ki Koi Bhi Nahi Marta Kisi Ke Liye…

Happy Valentines Day 2013  

sad sms Valentiens day sms

Happy Valentines Day Sad Sms & Shayari
Dil ke kisi kone mein tum basi ho, Mere pyar ho tum aur hasi ho,
Mere lafz mein tum aur tumhe ho,  Tum kaisi ho ya waisi ho ya jo bhi ho bas meri ho..!! ♥

Happy Valentines Day 2013 

Why do we celebrate Valentine's Day? fully Explain

That Explains It

Why do we celebrate Valentine's Day?

We celebrate Valentine's Day, because until 1969, it was one of the many Saint's Days observed by the Catholic Church. It was dedicated to the patron saint of romantic causes, St. Valentine.

Although it was removed from the Church's calendar in 1969, the religious meaning coupled with Valentine's Day's roots in Roman paganism have allowed it to continue as a holiday for everyone.

Early Christians saw Valentine's Day as a way to honor St. Valentine, of whom there were actually three. The Catholic Church recognizes three saints by that name, all who were martyred on February 14.
The St. Valentie the day is named for was, most likely, a priest in the 3rd century who performed secret marriages when the Roman Emperor Claudius II thought single soldiers were more likely to enlist in the army. That St. Valentine was imprisoned and executed on February 4, 270. It is believed he was responsible for giving the jailer's blind daughter back her eyesight, and before his execution, he sent herss a note saying, "From your Valentine." The phrase is still widely used on valentines today.

It wasn't until 1537 that St. Valentine's day was declared an official holiday. England's King Henry VIII, known for his ways of disposing of wives, declared February 14th a holiday. It was another century and a half before religious devotional cards became non-religious cards to reflect the change in the holiday.

In 496 A.D., February 14, was declared in the name of St. Valentine by Pope Gelasius. It remained a Church holiday until 1969, when Pope Paul VI took it from the calender.

On February 14, the ancient Romans celebrated the Feast of Lupercalia in honor of Juno, the queen of the Roman gods and goddesses. Juno was also the goddess of womesn and marriage so honoring her was thought to be a fertility rite.

At the feast held the next day, the women would write love letters and stick them in a large urn. The men would pick a letter from the urn and for the next year, pursue the woman who wrote the chosen letter. This custom lasted until the 1700s when people decided their beloveds should be chosen by sight, not luck.
Happy Valentiens Day sms & Shayari